Ladies 5.5 Combo Clinic


The 5.5 clinic is for 2.5 and 3.0 NTRP Ladies who are looking to improve their doubles strategy and prepare for the combo season. We will do an hour of drills that will focus on positioning, shot selection, and volleying. 



Cardio Tennis




Pilot League Drills




Ladies 3.0 Clinic




Shot of the Week



After a long day at work come out and get a great work out on! We will have a fast paced clinic geared towards players who already have a good understanding of tennis where we play a lot of fast paced points and cardio oriented drills!



The Pilot League drills are for Men and Women who participate in the Pilot League. They are high level fast paced drills that involve a lot of live point play with focused instruction. Come out with your team or by yourself for 1.5 hour session!




This clinic is a focused group on ladies who play on 3.0 USTA teams. We will focus on improving doubles strategy in a instructive but fast paced clinic.



This clinic gets technical with a different shot each week.  Practice and apply a specific shot to add variety to your game.